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Born 1965 in Málaga. Lives and works in Germany. Studied art history before turning to architecture and photography. Architecture and portraiture were and still are his domain, but portrait photography does not have to be limited to people. In the middle of the German capital, he has opened up a district that is fundamentally different from all other parts of the city. With its 14,000 inhabitants, it is probably Berlin’s most multicultural neighbourhood. There live beings who are gazed at daily and photographed a hundred times. Reiswitz has chosen a different path and has succeeded in creating a respectful series of portraits of animal personalities, some of whom have had a home here for generations. The aim was to create pictures of stars and heroes, because for many Berliners the inhabitants of the zoo were celebrities for decades.


2005 Zoogestalten – Deutschland in Japan, Gallery B u. C, Konica Minolta Plaza, Shinjuku, Tokio
2003 After the Fair, Galerie Tammen & Partner, Berlin
2001 Stones without Boarders, Künstlerhof Buch der Akademie der Künste Berlin
1998 Between inside and out, Galerie in der Alten Schule Adlershof, Berlin


Antony, 2009, Mounted under acrylic glass, 120 x 147,5 cm