Fidfinvest Fine Art AG
Schifflände 26
8001 Zürich


Born in Scordia, Sicily. Lives and works in Berlin. Describes himself as a “collector of his audio-visual environment.” In search of harmony in the chaos of the city, of structure in the wild flickering of Berlin. Often strolls through the German capital for hours. Let’s himself be lured by patterns on the asphalt or traces of graffiti on walls and house entrances. In shades of colour which are reminiscent of (Johannes) Ittens Colour Wheel, he banishes his impressions on canvas. The outcome of this technique: Painting with excitement and at the same time calming.


2015 The Tramp and His Magic Monkey, Jörg Heitsch Galerie, Munich
2013 Das Bier – Die Ballnacht – Und der Morgen Danach, Ricarda Fox Galerie, Mülheim
2012 Cremer-Street, London E2 8 HD
2011 Spacehunter, Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich
2010 Zirkus Royale, Arch 402 Gallery, London
2009 Titellos, Bernhard Knaus Fine Art, Frankfurt am Main
2008 Private View, Annette von Spesshardt, Zurich
  Primavera, Rauminstallation, LOGE, Berlin
2003 Aktlos, Malerei im Mozart, Munich


2016 Bernhard Klaus Fine Art, Frankfurt
2014 Naimah Schütter Gallery, Berlin
2013 “White Flat” mit Nikolai Makarov und Marco Piono, Berlin
2012 Hinterland, Arch 402 Gallery, London
2011 Parcours 11, White Square Gallery, Berlin
2010 Wir können auch anders, The Forgotten Bar, Berlin
  Shadows Of The Bright, Berlin Art Projects, Berlin
2008 Scenic Views, KFA Gallery, Berlin
2007 Triumph of Painting, pink gallery, Berlin
2006 Gott ist ein Computer, pink gallery, Berlin
2005 Künstlergruppe “Eigen-Schafft”, HHP 10, Berlin
  Künstlergruppe “Chamäleon”, Reiterkaserne, Munich
2004 Invasion, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich
  Cityjungle, hotelcancan gallery, Berlin
  Künstlergruppe “Landschaftsboutique“, Forum Stadtpark, Graz
  Künstlergruppe “Landschaftsboutique“, Akademiestrasse, Munich
2001 Feuchtgebiete, Freie Kunstschule Berlin, Berlin
  Berlin am Meer, Kunst am Bau, Berlin


Whats up, 2010, Acryl on canvas, 160 x 240 cm